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ProsthStyle Prosthesis cover (PSPC)
ProsthStyle Prosthesis Cover (PSPC) is a great solution between expensive silicone covers and traditional perlon stockings. PSPC is designed to provide a natural look and durable functionality. PSPC is a prosthesis stocking suitable for all prosthetic types. It allows trousers or skirts to smoothly glide over the prosthesis. PSPC offers an incredible 3D realistic appearance, complete with detailed skin structure, available in both woman (without hair) and man (with hair) versions. PSPC is washable in a washing machine. Crafted from highly elastic and durable material. PSPC is suitable for all amputation levels. It can be cut, tailored, glued to the prosthesis, or worn directly over the prosthetic socket. You can choose from 6 sizes and 24 skin tones, select left or right side and specify the gender male or female. More info at http://www.prosthesiscover.com


Weitere Produkte von Protheflex system SCPatent, Zmago Vidrih, s.p.

Protheflex is a flexible polyurethane resin used to create flexible sockets and orthoses. The Protheflex system utilizes a unique sandwich lamination technique...
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Herr Zmago Vidrih
CPO, director Protheflex system SCPatent, Zmago Vidrih, s.p.
Frau Andreja Vidrih
finanzen und marketing Protheflex system SCPatent, Zmago Vidrih, s.p.