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Protheflex is a flexible polyurethane resin used to create flexible sockets and orthoses. The Protheflex system utilizes a unique sandwich lamination technique that combines nylon layers with flexible Protheflex resin and a rigid frame in the middle, resulting in a single-walled socket that is flexible, resilient and responsive. These sockets are lightweight yet strong with high tear resistance, providing durability and convenience. They also feature volume stability, water resistance and UV resistance, making them suitable for various environments. Protheflex materials have been tested by ISO for skin contact and proven to be non-allergenic. The Protheflex socket system is suitable for all levels of amputation, from partial foot amputations to hip amputations, as well as upper limb prostheses and orthoses. It can be used with all kinds of socket shapes and suspension types.


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ProsthStyle Prosthesis cover (PSPC)
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Herr Zmago Vidrih
CPO, director Protheflex system SCPatent, Zmago Vidrih, s.p.
Frau Andreja Vidrih
finanzen und marketing Protheflex system SCPatent, Zmago Vidrih, s.p.