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ThunderCell Battery and Wave Electrodes
Ein Produkt von: BIONIT LABS S.R.L.
Adam’s Hand has a set of high-tech accessories that maximize its features.
Our goal is to allow clinicians to deliver top-level technology focused on a reliable user-centered design.

Wave Electrode offers an exceptionally compact design with a mere 8 mm thickness, making them one of the thinnest active analog electrodes in the market.
Water- and dust-proof resistant and available in 50 and 60 Hz models, these electrodes ensure low power consumption while providing accurate and fast readings of patients muscle signals.

ThunderCell Battery is an interchangeable lithium-ion battery with a 7.4V nominal voltage and a 950 mAh capacity, featuring a rapid 1-hour recharge time via a USB Type-C connector. Its compact and waterproof design (IP67) ensures durability.
The battery provides haptic feedback to the patient that facilitates personalized training and its firmware can be autonomously updated by Myo Logic app.


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