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Adam's Hand
Ein Produkt von: BIONIT LABS S.R.L.
Intuitive Dexterity
With Fully-Adaptive grip, AI-based pattern recognition, simplified thumb rotation and haptic feedback, patients quickly learn to use the Adam's Hand intuitively. This fosters a natural feeling of control, turning the prosthesis into an extension of the body. Adam’s Hand’s thoughtful design minimizes rejection rates, and enhances patients' quality of life.

Unparalleled Durability
The Adam's Hand is built with durable, lightweight materials and offers waterproof and dustproof functionality. An innovative finger mechanism provides the prosthesis with a high compliance and resistance to external stresses that flex and extend the fingers.

Best-in-Class Customer Support
Boasting easily replaceable and field-serviceable components for autonomous repair in less than 1 hour, and remote device connection and firmware updates through MyoLogic App, the Adam’s Hand ensures best-in-class customer support, prioritizing seamless functionality and user satisfaction.

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Herr Giovanni Antonio Zappatore
Chief Executive Officer BIONIT LABS S.R.L.
Frau Silvia Carrozzo
Sales Manager & Business Developer BIONIT LABS S.R.L.