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Everything you’ve come to expect from a TASKA Hand. Reliable and waterproof, the TASKA CX Hand is packed with features, it’s our fastest, strongest hand yet.  Designed with the user in mind, all finger tips are touchscreen capacitive. The refined and improved anatomical design, contoured lines and discreet Wrist flexion buttons create a streamlined profile.  True to a TASKA Hand, the TASKA CX Hand has an improved button layout, allowing the users to cycle through grips and control their TASKA CX Hand. Groundbreaking motor design allows users to perform tasks faster, with more precision with superior grip strength.  

Every TASKA CX Hand is equipped with TASKA’s HydroSeal™ Waterproofing Technology. When used with compatible components, waterproofing is extended beyond the wrist - no glove required - opening a new category of everyday actions users can access with ease.

All TASKA Hands are supported by the MyTASKA App offering users and clinicians easy access to customisable settings.

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Mr. Ben Traves
Chief Executive Office TASKA Prosthetics GmbH
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Head of Global Sales TASKA Prosthetics GmbH