Here you will find the programme preview of OTWORLD 2024 with its keynotes, symposia, free submissions and workshops.


Co-adaptation: the key to a new generation of assistive robots Prof. Dr. Claudio Castellini, Chair of Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg
The combination of creativity and perfection - working happily in medical professionsProf. Dr. Ricarda Rehwaldt
Green Carbon Fiber- A sustainable material for high performance applications in medical technologyProf. Dr. Thomas Brück


Interface problems and rehabilitation gaps following amputationProf. Dr. Greitemann
Orthopaedic treatment and care in the crisis area – what are the challenges? 
Special requirements and options in the fitting of arm prostheses for children and adolescentsMichael Schäfer
Merkur Alimusaj
Medical and orthopaedic challenges with childhood amputations – therapy plan and complication managementDr. Cornelia Putz
Merkur Alimusaj
Prostheses for children (international)Brian Kaluf
Merkur Alimusaj
The unstable joint – prevention and therapeutic options with orthopaedic technical fittingsProf. Dr. Martin Engelhardt
Prof. Dr. Victor Valderrabano
Paediatric orthopaedics: 3D-printing – new options for orthopaedic treatment and care?Prof. Dr. Wolfram Mittelmeier
Dr. Jennifer Ernst
Innovations in amputation – surgery, OT and rehabilitation Dr. Jennifer Ernst
Lars Jäger
Materials researchDr. Alonja Reiter
PD Dr. Matthias Priemel
Assistive health technologies for therapists and people with physical limitationsDr. Christian Sturm
Dr. Christoph Egen
Orthopaedic and footwear technologies for severe foot deformities in children and adolescentsHartmut Stinus
Tino Sprekelmeyer
Sensorimotor functions – indications and limits of treatmentsProf. Dr. Greitemann
Thomas Stief
How do I make a patient orthotically fit? What are the requirements? 
Orthotics and fitting with orthopaedic appliances for congenital and acquired paralysis Dr. Ulrich Hafkemeyer
Michael Volkery
Interaction of conservative, orthotic and orthopaedic-surgical measures in the treatment of patients with skeletal dysplasia and soft bones.Prof. Thomas Wirth
Ingo Pfefferkorn
Physiotherapy in orthopaedic treatment and care – prosthetics and corset fitting exampleMaike Truelsen
Prof. Dr. Michael Maiwald
Prof. Dr. Frank Braatz
Shortage of skilled workers – is international training or academisation the solution?Els Moris
Digitisation and IT solutions in analysis and productionHenning Seide
Hans Georg Ahrens
Options and limitations in the orthotic treatment of spinal deformities in growing childrenIngo Pfefferkorn
Alexandra Reim
Diabetic foot syndromeDr. Armin Koller
Tino Sprekelmeyer
20 years of osseointegration – where do we stand? 
Neuro-orthopaedics, soft orthoses and FES – update 2024Ingo Pfefferkorn
Using registry data to improve the quality of patient care: An International PerspectiveMerkur Alimusaj
Dr. Urs Schneider
Ankle – conservative/surgicalDr. Hartmut Stinus
Prof. Dr. Markus Walther
Prof. Dr. Christina Stukenborg-Colsman
Requirements for a sustainable Socketdesign in Above Knee ProstheticsMichael Schäfer
Care of war-disabled people in crisis areas worldwide 


Various contributions to current research content and exciting individual cases are presented here grouped thematically.


Potential of manual medicine in the treatment of congenital or acquired limb lossDr. Hein Schnell
Damage due to excessive strain while running
Development, diagnosis, therapy and prevention
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Casper Grim
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Thilo Hotfiel
Werkstoffverbunde, Mischbauweisen, Verbindungstechniken, Klebtechnik - Update Fügeverfahren 2024 
Amputation: what standard operating techniques are used when – what’s new? 
Treatment of adolescents with AIS in accordance with guidelines and their individual, practical implementationSilke Auler
Andreas Würschning
Differentiated examination of leg length reductions up to 3 cmMichael Volkery
Michael Maiwald
Lower leg/thigh prosthetics – how do I verify the fit of the socket?
What are the acceptance criteria?
Injury prevention in sports – exercises versus devicesStefan Woltring
Klinische Untersuchung und orthetische Hilfsmittelversorgung der oberen ExtremitätBernd Sibbel
Functional electrical stimulation (FES) - compactLars Jäger
Michael Volkery
Die Osseointegration – Eine Alternative zur Exo-Prothesenversorgung?Ingo Pfefferkorn
Prof. Dr. Thomas Mittlmeier
„Patientenerhebungen in der OT und wie ich diese im Alltag ein- und umsetze“ Merkur Alimusaj
Olaf Gawron
Rejected – what now?Georg Blome
Lars Jäger
Anatomy of the foot and functionality of insolesStefan Woltring
Movement analysis / gait analysis – treatment objectives and indicators for insole fittingsStefan Woltring
A prosthesis that stands and walks? – Correct identification of lower leg prosthesis alignment errorsAlexandra Reim
Jan Lentes
Differential pain diagnosisDr. Stefan Middeldorf
Dr. markus Schneider
Digital treatment process in technical orthopaedicsDr. Annette Kerkhoff
Rehabilitation nach osseointegrativen ImplantatenProf. Dr. Greitemann
Harmen v.d. Linde
Integrated breast prosthetics 
Standard treatment/custom treatment differentiation 
Orthopaedic treatment and care - request versus realityAlexandra Reim
Adipositas-assoziiertes Lymphödem, Pathophysiologie und therapeutische Optionen 
Onkologische Tumor-assoziierte Lymphödeme mit Beteiligung der unteren Extremitäten 
Lymphödem und Ulcera crurum – offene Beine und Wundrosen 
Sports medicine and oedema