14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld

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TASKA Prosthetics GmbH

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TASKA Prosthetics is an upper limb manufacturer of the TASKA Hand, developed by Mat Jury in New Zealand. Mat started in his garage, trying to solve the flexibility and fragility issues which was plaguing every myoelectric hand on the market, and successfully pioneered the early design of the TASKA Hand. Today, TASKA is a multinational company and has earned a reputation for producing the most robust myoelectric, multi-articulating hands on the market - and the first waterproof one.

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TASKA HandGen2
The TASKA HandGen2 is designed to fit your life. Reliable and versatile TASKA Hands allow users to have more control of their daily life. TASKA Hands have smart...
About the product
Everything you’ve come to expect from a TASKA Hand. Reliable and waterproof, the TASKA CX Hand is packed with features, it’s our fastest, strongest hand yet. De...
About the product

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15/05/2024 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM Exhibitor Workshop

TASKA Prosthetics GmbH

''At TASKA we are all driven by the same thing. Developing a prosthetic hand that is not just a little better, but hugely better.'' Mat Jury, TASKA founder. TASKA’s design philosophy leads to a greater focus on the customer. In this workshop, the TASKA team will demonstrate how innovative product design leads to a better outcomes for both the prosthetist and the patient.

Room 11, Hall 5
Neil Stephen (TASKA Prosthetics GmbH ) Niklas Immink (TASKA Prosthetics GmbH )


Mr. Ben Traves
Chief Executive Office TASKA Prosthetics GmbH
Mr. Neil Stephen
Head of Global Sales TASKA Prosthetics GmbH