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HeadUp Collar - head support system for patients with neuromuscular disorders who lack head support control
The HeadUp Collar is a cervical support designed to make it easier for people with neuromuscular disorders to keep their head elevated. The flexible neck collar functions as a modular system that can be individually configured and adapted to the patient's needs using a kit principle.

The HeadUp Collar is the first head support of its kind to be developed together with people with motor neurone disease.

The module of the HeadUp Collar that rests against the skin is made of a special material that was originally developed by NASA for spacesuits. It stores heat and releases it again to ensure optimum thermal comfort.

The HeadUp Collar helps to support the head in different strengths and directions as required. The scope of delivery includes various struts of different thicknesses (2 mm and 3 mm), which can be individually positioned where support is required.

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