19 - 22 May 2026 OTWorld
Your® Liner - the first 3D printed silicone liner
A product of: MotionTech GmbH
Your® Liner, the 1st 3D printed silicone liner, is the next generation of custom liner as a service. Based on our in-house silicone 3D-printing technology, Your® Liner gives CPOs full control:
* Made from 3D scan : perfect fit regardless of limb shape
* Silicone types : 3 silicone types for all activity levels and skin sensitivities
* Thicknesses : adjust local thickness to protect sensitive zones, fill-in invaginations, even out pear shapes
* Suspensions : Configure and combine our suspension options for maximum flexibility
* Aesthetics : AI-powered catalog to customize the aesthetics of the liner and prosthesis

With thousands of complex prosthetic cases fitted worldwide, MotionTech's added value lies not only in the world-class quality of its products, but also on its unique expertise for approaching complex prosthetic fittings through liner design. Leverage our expertise to simplify your workflow and experience the future of 3D printed prosthetics!

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Mr. Enrico Gibson
Sales manager DACH MotionTech GmbH
Mr. Clement Gabry
Head of Sales MotionTech GmbH