14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld

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MotionTech GmbH

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Thanks to our proprietary silicone 3D-printing technology, MotionTech is the manufacturer and distributor of Your® Liner, the next-generation custom prosthetic liner. Providing world-class quality standards in our Swiss manufacturing center, MotionTech's expertise on complex prosthetic fittings continues to prove its value through its fast adoption worldwide. Get in touch now to discover the world of Your® Liner, and embrace the future of 3D printed prosthetics !

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Your® Liner - the first 3D printed silicone liner
Your® Liner, the 1st 3D printed silicone liner, is the next generation of custom liner as a service. Based on our in-house silicone 3D-printing technology, Your...
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Mr. Enrico Gibson
Sales manager DACH MotionTech GmbH
Mr. Clement Gabry
Head of Sales MotionTech GmbH