14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
MBD - Magnetic Body Digitization to replace Plaster Casting
A Produkt of: BellwaldTEC GmbH
Many modelling and manufacturing processes in orthopedic technology have been digitalized in recent years. Nevertheless, there is still a digital gap at the beginning of the process chain. This is because the shape of corrected limbs still has to be recorded using a plaster cast. In order to maintain contact with the patient and their biomechanics when digitizing body shapes, we have invented a clean, versatile and reusable textile that can replace plaster casting in orthopedics. Between the therapist's limbs and hands lies a thin textile equipped with a network of hundreds of magnetic sensor chips (magnetometers). These sensors can record the shape of the limbs within two seconds and output a 3D data set (STL) as a digital mold shortly afterwards. We are demonstrating this new measurement technology as the first application on the foot.

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MBD - Magnetic Body Digitization to replace Plaster Casting
For the first time, we are providing an outlook on the application of our new digitalization technology for prosthetics....
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