19 - 22 May 2026 OTWorld

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BellwaldTEC GmbH

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BellwaldTEC is a privately held Swiss company. It is dedicated to a revolutionary solution in orthopedic technology with which patients' body shapes can be captured three-dimensionally under manual correction. The body shape data is used for the subsequent development and production of orthoses or prosthetic sockets. The patented core innovation integrates into existing digital process chains in orthopedic practices and simplifies and accelerates their services to patients.

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MBD - Magnetic Body Digitization to replace Plaster Casting
Many modelling and manufacturing processes in orthopedic technology have been digitalized in recent years. Nevertheless, there is still a digital gap at the beg...
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MBD - Magnetic Body Digitization to replace Plaster Casting
For the first time, we are providing an outlook on the application of our new digitalization technology for prosthetics....
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Mr. Ralf Schumacher
CEO BellwaldTEC GmbH
Mr. Thomas Ruepp
Co-Founder BellwaldTEC GmbH
Mr. Prof. Dr. Joris Pascal
CTO BellwaldTEC GmbH


BellwaldTEC GmbH

Bellwalderstraße 471
3997 Bellwald

Tel.: +41 76 3929992

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