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The new AchilloTrain to treat the Achilles tendon
A Produkt of: Bauerfeind AG
Bauerfeind is now offering a new AchilloTrain for reducing Achilles tendon problems. The high support with friction pad and optional heel wedges targets the entire tendon and can be used as required to help during pain treatment and kinesiotherapy in cases of acute and persistent irritation.

As an all-in-one solution, the new AchilloTrain combines several relieving effects. It provides medically effective compression from the beginning of the heel bone to the calf muscle transition. The friction pad surrounds the Achilles tendon and exerts a massage effect on the tissue and muscles during movement to stimulate circulation. Silicone dots on the inside below the ankles provide targeted stimuli to activate the body’s own stabilizing processes in the ankle. The pad’s delicate meandering structure ensures relieving friction in a transverse direction along the tendon during movement.

Two viscoelastic heel wedges provide additional relief. They can simply be placed in the shoe when needed.

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