OTWorld Opening Ceremony

Here you will find information on the opening ceremony of OTWorld 2024.

The time has come to set the course for an extraordinary journey: Mission Possible. This mission unites us all as we pursue our communal goal of making the impossible possible and pushing back our boundaries once again. As a vital community member, you are cordially invited to join us for this watershed moment as we redefine the future of orthopaedic treatment and care.

Launch Data
Departure date: 14 May 2024
Launch time: 4:45 pm
Launchpad: Room 1 CCO

Mission Control

Under the command of Alf Reuter, Martin Buhl-Wagner and moderator Henning Quanz, we will be setting course for the infinite galaxy of opportunity ahead of us, resolute in our belief that by working together we can change the landscape of orthopaedic treatment and care forever.

Cosmic Welcome

send Dr Peter Liese, Member of the European Parliament, Coordinator (Spokesperson) of the EPP Group in the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and Emmanuel Cohet, Envoy of the French Embassy in Germany.

Our Guiding Star

  • John McFall, astronaut and pioneer, will be sharing his inspiring story and showing us that with determination, support and the right orthopaedic aids, even outer space is within our grasp.

Cosmic Conversation

  • A select crew of visionaries, including Alf Reuter, Martin Buhl-Wagner, David Constantine, Ingo Pfefferkorn (Dipl.-Ing. FH) and Dr Thomas Wirth (MD, PhD), invites you to join the conversation on finding ways to push the boundaries of orthopaedic treatment and care.

The Nature of Our Mission

As a member of our international crew of specialists and innovators, you are at the heart of this journey. Together, we possess the power and the vision to plot a course for the stars, leaving behind any concept of limitations.

Mission Possible is your invitation to be part of a collective adventure with the courage to go beyond the known frontiers. It is an opportunity for you to shape the future together with like-minded individuals from all over the world dedicated to providing the very best orthopaedic treatment and care.

Confirm your participation and join us when we gather to prove we can use our united strength and determination to redefine the word "impossible". Allow us to show you that true limitations begin only where the power of our imagination ends.

The future starts now as we board this Mission Possible together. We look forward to working with you to explore the unknown and usher in a new era in orthopaedic treatment and care.

Reserve your seat on this historic journey. Your presence is the key to our mutual success.


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Join us for an evening of fun, music and “savoir vivre”!

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