Start-ups at OTWorld 2024

Welcome to the special exhibition area OTWorld.start-ups! This is where new ideas and creative innovations come together and bring a breath of fresh air to the industry. A visit to this platform for up-and-coming start-ups not only offers insights into innovative products and concepts, but also the opportunity to make new contacts and join a dynamic network that drives innovation and progress in the industry.

You can meet these companies at OTWorld.start-ups:

2PD US LLC (United Kingdom)

Ambionics Limited (United Kingdom)

Anatoscope (France) (Germany)

DARWIN Biomed (Spain)

D.O.G. GmbH - Nunatak (Austria)

Who are we as a company?

D.O.G. GmbH, based in Austria, specializes in orthopedic shoes that are developed and produced according to the latest scientific findings. In close cooperation with orthopedists, shoe technicians, doctors and patients,the company strives for maximum medical benefit, ease of use, optimum comfort and modern design. The shoes under the Nunatak brand are tailored to individual needs and offer safe standing and walking after a stroke as well as relief from discomfort thanks to special cushioning. Prosthesis users benefit from a more natural-looking gait pattern. The shoes are characterized by easy donning, various lacing systems and innovative features such as the BOA® quick lacing system. For diabetics, the DIA range offers special shoes in risk class 0-3 with anatomically shaped comfort shoe lasts, soft insoles, antibacterial interiors and medical device number (Germany). The outsole is safe and comfortable, especially in the forefoot area, which is seam-free and generously designed. The entire shoe design aims to maximize comfort and alleviate foot problems.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

“OTWorld is THE event to present our orthopedic active and diabetic shoes from Nunatak. As an Austrian brand and family business, we are particularly looking forward to making international acquaintances and establishing business relationships.” - Christian Brandstätter, Sales und Marketing D.O.G. GmbH

ExpHand Prosthetics (United Kingdom)

Who are we as a company?

ExpHand Prosthetics creates adjustable, lightweight and customisable upper limb prosthetics for children, encouraging prosthetic use, self-confidence and independence. Our child friendly adjustable prosthesis ensures children have continual use of their prosthesis. Novel additive manufacturing allows prosthetics to be provided direct to consumers and allows them to be adjusted to grow with a child. The ExpHand can grow with a child for up to 7 years, reducing routine downtime and relearning. ExpHand Prosthetics fills a gap in the market by designing with children in mind and making use of novel manufacturing methods to produce a prosthetic unlike any other on the market that can give children independence at a critical developmental stage.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

"We are excited to showcase our product to industry professionals and look forward to creating new contacts and building relationships with future customers." - Kate Allan, ExpHand Prosthetics Ltd

kokochii soles-online GmbH (Germany)

Wer sind wir als Unternehmen?

Die Entwicklung:

Unsere Kokochii Einlage wurde im Rahmen eines Förderprojektes des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Forschung in Kooperation mit der Fakultät für Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik der Technischen Universität Berlin entwickelt.

Sie wurde im Abrollvorgang 1 Million mal getestet und hat den Anforderungen standgehalten, ebenso eine Klimakammer mit -6°C und 40°C, sowie ein Bad in einer „physiologischen Schweißlösung“.

Was kann die Einlage?

Unser erster Einlagentyp ist für den unkomplizierten Knick-Senk-Spreizfuß, Hallux valgus, Krallenzehen und Metatarsalgie entwickelt worden.

Die Einlagen werden im Multijetfusion Verfahren monolithisch aus PA12 gedruckt und haben aufgrund der intrinsischen Geometrie lediglich eine Materialstärke von max. 2,5mm, passt somit in jeden Schuh. Bei diesem Druckvorgang wird kein Abfall produziert.

Die kokochii-Einlage kann beschliffen oder auch thermoplastisch verformt werden, Polster- und Bezugsstoffe können in üblicher Weise aufgeklebt werden. Die Einlage kann auch ohne Nachbearbeitung abgegeben werden.

Außerdem ist es möglich die Einlage bei 40°C in der Waschmaschine zu waschen, so erfüllt sie auch hygienische Anforderungen.

Warum freuen wir uns auf die OTWorld 2024?

„Wir freuen uns sehr über die Chance auf der OTWorld 2024 unser innovatives Produkt vorstellen zu dürfen und sind schon jetzt gespannt auf die Reaktionen aus dem nationalen und internationalen Publikum.“ – Dr. Kerstin Lauer, Fußärztin kokochii

Life and Limb Private Limited (India)

Who are we as a company?

Life and Limb is a pioneering startup dedicated to revolutionizing new-age prosthetics technology. Our products, BIONICLI® and myoCONNECT™, are designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals with limb differences. With a focus on innovation, precision, and user-centric design, we offer a range of state-of-the-art solutions, including upper limb prosthetics. We’re changing the way the world thinks about prosthetics. Our Vision is to revolutionize the bionic market by innovating to make products that are accessible, affordable, and aspirational.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

"Attending OT World 2024 offers a multitude of benefits for us - we are looking forward to gaining knowledge about new products and solutions, the latest advancements, research, and innovations in orthopedic and assistive technology, and networking opportunities that can offer a unique platform to connect with experts, practitioners, and peers from around the world. This will also be an excellent opportunity to showcase our product BIONICLI®. Being an attendee, we can gain valuable market insights, helping our business, marketing strategies, and industry trends. Since OT World attracts a global audience, it offers us a chance to interact with professionals and companies from different countries. " - Nishant Agarwal

macu4 AG (Switzerland)

Who are we as a company?

macu4 develops advanced forearm and hand prostheses that are not only more cost-effective, but are also made available via remote supply. This simplifies access to these aids, opens up new possibilities and expands adaptability to individual requirements and activity-related needs. Whether it is for everyday tasks, leisure activities or sports, macu4 offers solutions.

Lynk System | This passive functional orthoprosthesis is designed for people with a wrist who have limited or no gripping function or who want to protect their wrist. The customisable cuff design, force transmission to the forearm, ease of use and interchangeable modules allow for different user profiles and activities.

Explorer System | A modular and passively functional forearm prosthesis - ideal for sports and leisure activities in addition to everyday needs, as it is lightweight and breathable. It is suitable for both children and adults and is often used as a second prosthesis. Particularly worth mentioning is the significant time saving thanks to automated personalisation and simplified assembly as well as the compatibility of the manual fitting parts due to the metric (M12x1.5) or inch (1/2''-20) thread.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

“OTWorld 2024 offers start-ups an excellent opportunity to publicise their products internationally.” – Myriam Lingg

Nord Ability AB (Sweden)

omod GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

Wer sind wir als Unternehmen?

OMOD entwickelt und produziert Carbonfasergesticke für Orthesen und Prothesen auf Grundlage der TFP Technik ( Tailord Fibre Placement Verfahren).

Die Gesticke aus Endlos-Carbonfaser ersetzen das aufwändige legen von Carbonmatten im händischen Verfahren. Sie reduzieren Arbeitszeit und Kosten für den Orthopädietechniker und verbessern das Verhältnis zwischen Materialeinsatz und Dynamik und Festigkeit der Hilfsmittel für den Patienten.

Warum freuen wir uns auf die OTWorld 2024?

"Aus unserer Erfahrung der "Best Place" für Orthopädietechnik.

Denn: "Die OT World beeindruckt durch einen innovativen Mix aus Präsentation neuer Produkte, wissenschaftlichen Vorträgen und Workshops." – Anna Grabowski

OrthoHeal Inc (USA)

Who are we as a company?

OrthoHeal is a Vertically integrated Orthopedic Technology startup working in immobilization domain. With its first invention, FlexiOH, OrthoHeal has disrupted the orthopedic immobilization market and penetrated 50+ countries in a short span of 3 years. FlexiOH is an innovative orthopedic cast technology which is absolutely washable, breathable and lightweight unlike conventional orthopedic casts. FlexiOH provides ultimate freedom to patients for health, comfort and hygiene through active lifestyle i.e.sports, adventure, routines, etc.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

“By participating in OTWorld 2024, OrthoHeal seeks to connect with orthopedic professionals, industry leaders and experts to expand the networking within the Industry. Apart from that OrthoHeal is also interested to connect with industry partners to expand reach in more geographies via partnerships and investment opportunities.” - Dr Pankaj Chhatrala, OrthoHeal Inc

Ortopedia 3D / Archimed s.r.l.s. (Italy)

Who are we as a company?

"Ortopedia 3D” provides technologies and services aiming to digitalize the whole productive process of customized orthopaedic devices.

Through years of medical research, we developed our own operating protocol and proprietary technologies employing 3D scanner, 3D modelling and 3D printing.

Applying these procedures and highly performing certified technopolymers, we produce several devices such as braces, upper limb orthosis, lower limb orthosis, prosthetic covers and sockets, collars, face masks or insoles.

With a three-dimensional approach based on the patient's precise anatomical features, we provide the customer with a more functional, more ergonomic and lighter device granting the opportunity to customize it according to medical requirements and patient’s demands.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

“We are delighted to attend OTWord 2024 and in order to present our devices on an international stage and extend the net of customers, suppliers and industrial partners.” - Francesco Ciriello, Ortopedia 3D / Archimed s.r.l.s.

ot-app (Germany)

Rebel Bionics Limited (United Kingdom)

Who are we as a company?

Rebel Bionics pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing the best bionic hands based on the needs of the user community. Founded by Ex-bebionic/Ex touch bionics/Ex Covvi engineers, Rebel Bionics has over 15 years of experience in design and development of upper limb products and have a proven record of accomplishment in the industry. Our vertically integrated production facility and head office are based in Leeds,UK. Our in house design team develop products on the principles of robustness, low weight and high functionality.

We are now ready to showcase our new small hand in the market; developed specifically for smaller people. At Rebel we are constantly striving to improve user experience and understand how we can further improveof products.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

“We would like to show case our new small bionic hand and introduce Rebel bionics as a brand to the industry professionals. We are hoping to generate new contacts and forming relationships with new and existing customers, potentially establishing some international distribution agreements. It will also give us the opportunity to learn about new trends in the industry and our competition.” – Laura Warren, Office Manager Rebel Bionics Limited

steptics GmbH (Germany)

Who are we as a company?

Modern and high-quality foot prostheses are manufactured almost exclusively using composite materials. So-called composite prosthetics offer wearersincreased comfort due to the materials excellent light yet extremely durable properties.

These advanced properties however come at a high cost, due to the complex and intensive manufacturing process, making them unaffordable for the majorityof amputees worldwide.

steptics uses a patented, automated process to produce composite materials which significantly reduces the manufacturing costs, making high performanceprostheses accessible to amputees worldwide

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

"OTWorld 2024 offers start-ups an excellent opportunity to publicise their products internationally." - Toni Padilla, Geschäftsführer & CFO steptics GmbH

Simplify Orthotics (United Kingdom)

Who are we as a company?

Simplify Orthotics is a MedTech startup dedicated to advancing the field of orthotic products and digital services. Our Simplify App, empowers clinicians to easily access our product offering, we then manufacture the custom-made orthosis for you, streamlining the entire process. What sets us apart is our in-house development of unique software workflows, enabling a seamless, end-to-end automation of the design process. Our debut additive product, Posture 1, is a cutting-edge functional foot orthosis designed to target an extensive array of foot-related conditions. At Simplify, our mission is straightforward: to eliminate the intricacies associated with the design, development and manufacture of this new generation of additive products, making them more accessible and user-friendly for healthcare professionals, and ultimately improving patient care.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

“We have been working hard developing our first product and service over the past year, so are really excited to introduce ourselves to the O&P community and gain some valuable friends through networking. We see OTWorld as the ideal place to start our journey.” – Jon Parrish, Founder & CEO Simplify Orthotics

Steets GmbH (Germany)

Who are we as a company?

STEETS, driven by innovation and thoughtful ideas, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with mobility restrictions. The mission is to make daily life easier and more efficient through innovative solutions, set sustainable impulses for the future and develop products seamlessly integrable into any situation. STEETS' inaugural product, an innovative modular parking aid for forearm crutches and walking sticks, maximizes value from medical, rehabilitation, and orthopedic perspectives. The module allows effortless storage in open spaces without the risk of tipping, significantly aiding the daily lives of those affected. It contributes to preventing falls, promoting mobility and independence, enhancing overall quality of life, and improving efficiency in medical rehabilitation.

Warum freuen wir uns auf die OTWorld 2024?

"Die OTWorld bietet unserem Start-Up die ideale Plattform, um unsere Produktneuheit im Bereich der Orthopädie- und Reha-Technik einem internationalen Publikum von Schlüsselakteur:innen vorzustellen. Als Teil der Sonderfläche für Start-ups haben wir zudem die exklusive Gelegenheit, aktiv zur Weiterentwicklung der Branche beizutragen und das Leben vieler Menschen nachhaltig zu verbessern.“ - Phil Janßen, Steets GmbH

Tendo AB (Sweden)

Who are we as a company?

Dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons with spinal cord injuries, Tendo manufactures and commercializes an advanced microprocessor controlled active hand orthosis, Tendo OneGrip. The groundbreaking robotic glove is aiming to restore hand function and empower individuals to regain their independence. Tendo OneGrip is specifically designed for persons with a spinal cord injury at approximately C5-C6 level, enabling them to actively grip, hold and release objects, thereby facilitating both personal and instrumental ADL. Additionally, Tendo OneGrip helps prevent health issues, reduces the need for assistance, relieves the burden on families and creates value for the healthcare system and society. Tendo OneGrip also serves a non-invasive alternative to surgical interventions. The robotic glove can be used prior to hand surgery (while awaiting surgery or to aid in the decision-making process), as a complement to surgery or as a substitute for individuals who will not undergo a surgical procedure.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

“Tendo is eagerly looking forward to connecting with clinicians, therapists, ortopedic engineers/technicians, researchers, KOL’s and users as well as potential distributors at OTWorld. We offer live demonstrations and firsthand experience of our state-of-the-art robotic glove, interactive discussions with our team of experts on our technology as well as collaboration opportunities. Connect and exchange ideas with us and other delegates sharing a passion for improving the quality of life for individuals with spinal cord injury. “- Peter Andersson, Commercial Lead Tendo AB

trividia - P+L Innovations GmbH (Germany)

VeomedicalGmbH (Germany)

Who are we as a company?

veomedical - That's us!

We are a young manufacturer and importer of innovative medical products. Founded in 2022, our team has more than 25 years of experience in orthopaedic technology. We are orthopaedic technicians, physiotherapists and engineers. What unites us is our love of detail. We firmly believe that movement is an important part of a healthy life. That is why we are passionate about developing new products to maintain or improve quality of life. With every new orthosis, we set ourselves the goal of achieving the best possible fitting in line with our customers' wishes.


For us, an orthosis must be EASY to use, SAFE in terms of pain relief and ensure that you can be ACTIVE in life again.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

“We are enthusiastic about OTWorld because it is unique. It is an innovation platform, congress and showcase all in one. It is the place to meet friends. “- René Schiller, veomedical GmbH

Vogel Orthopädie Technik (Germany)

Who are we as a company?

Vogel Orthopädie Technik is an innovative company where everything revolves around the needs of the customers. Thanks to our expertise, reliability and extensive experience, we develop products that significantly facilitate the everyday life of prosthesis wearers.

VPS System: The prosthesis socket for improved quality of life

Running free

The VPS System is an innovative, sub-ischial prosthesis socket that offers people maximum comfort and mobility following an upper-leg amputation. It makes such effective use of the inactive zones between the remaining muscle groups that the VPS System is suitable even for users with low mobility. As osseous side or base support points are no longer required, pressure areas are a thing of the past and even the sensitive hygiene area remains free. All everyday movements can be performed without restrictions - even cycling is no problem.

Warum freuen wir uns auf die OTWorld 2024?

„Die Weltleitmesse in Sachen Orthopädietechnik ist für uns eine gute Gelegenheit neue Kontakte zu knüpfen und das VPS-System einem internationalen Publikum zu präsentieren.“ – Tobias Vogel