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17/05/2024 OTWorld

OTWorld 2024: "Mission Possible" – Global Industry Meeting of Technical Orthopaedics Continues to Expand

From 14 to 17 May, the global technical orthopaedics community gathered at OTWorld 2024 to set the course for the future of orthopaedic treatment and care. At the leading world trade show and world congress, 20,400 professional visitors from 96 countries joined 574 exhibitors from 42 countries and more than 300 international speakers to discuss new concepts for treatment and care in prosthetics and orthotics, orthopaedic footwear technology, rehabilitation technology and compression therapy. By getting together, they are able to share innovative solutions and visions to shape orthopaedic treatment and care across the world. Once again, the leading world trade show and world congress thus confirmed its position as the largest global event in technical orthopaedics.

"OTWorld has proved itself to be the leading event for innovation and collaboration in technical orthopaedics. The enthusiasm and commitment of everyone taking part in the event was so impressive", says Martin Buhl-Wagner, Managing Director of Leipziger Messe. "Our objective is to bring together all stakeholders in the medical aids industry here in Leipzig to work together on solutions for better care worldwide," Buhl-Wagner continues.

As Alf Reuter, President of the German Association of Orthopaedic Technology (BIV-OT), the conceptual partner of OTWorld, pointed out: "This OTWorld proved the power of interprofessionalism and global exchange. The progressive solutions presented and the intensive collaboration by specialists from all areas of the sector showed just how important our work is for the future of patient care."

Innovative Featured Topics and Groundbreaking Technologies

From sustainable orthotics, intelligent prosthetics, rehab technology for stroke patients and exoskeletons for children to the latest compression treatments and bandages, the trade show covered the full spectrum of the technical orthopaedics sector.

Alongside the trade show, OTWorld presented the latest developments in orthopaedic footwear technology with innovative solutions in sensomotoric footwear technology and digital measurement. The newly created exhibition space entitled "OTWorld.shoe-technology" showcased the entire range of products and services available in the sector from orthopaedic shoes to 3D printing technologies.

"I was thrilled that so many topics on orthopaedic footwear technology were on the programme at the congress," exclaims Dr Annette Kerkhoff, Project Leader at the Centre of Excellence for Orthopaedic Footwear (KomZet O.S.T.). "My first workshop was on Tuesday morning. Everyone who came was surprised we had managed to attract so many professional visitors to the session so early in the congress with the topic of 'Digital Treatment Processes in Orthopaedic Footwear Technology'".

Partner Country France: Learning and Celebrating Together

24 French companies and experts came to Leipzig to be part of the large collective stand and hold presentations at the congress. The focus was on innovations and insights into the French healthcare system. In view of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, the farewell celebration for the prosthetists and orthotists heading to Paris to care for the elite athletes was a special highlight. French flair was also provided at the traditional OTWorld party in the Glass Hall on the first day of the event and the Café de Paris.

High Satisfaction Amongst Exhibitors and Speakers

"OTWorld is undoubtedly the largest get-together anywhere in the world for our sector. So of course, the fact that the event takes place in Germany has a certain charm", says Christoph Thiel, authorised representative for Wilhelm Julius Teufel GmbH. "OTWorld thus proves once again that Germany is a leader in global collaboration and has many excellent suppliers", he adds.

Metin Eskinyurt, Director of Marketing & Communication for Thuasne Deutschland GmbH, shares this assessment: "OTWorld is a must for us. It is not just a significant platform for us because it's the largest trade show in the industry, it's also the most interesting one." Hendrik Witzel, Managing Director of Witzel Vacupress has come to the same conclusion. "Without question, OTWorld is quite simply the leading world trade show for prosthetics and orthotics."

Detlef Schindler, Director of Marketing for BORT GmbH, also summed up the experience in positive terms. "For us, OTWorld is the trade show where we can present our portfolio of orthopaedic products."

The fact that OTWorld has regained its previous strength post-pandemic is especially meaningful to Rainer Berthan, CEO of Bauerfeind AG: "At this edition of OTWorld it was clear that there is no replacement for in-person trade shows. Manufacturers, service providers and patients appreciate the direct interaction to help forge authentic and reliable relationships."

150 new exhibitors and 26 start-ups added to OTWorld 2024 with their products and services. Stegan Hauser, CEO and Founder of the start-up Brakeable appreciates that "as a first-time exhibitor and start-up, it's [...] exciting to gain access to the market at OTWorld." Dennis Decker, Director of Sales for Permobil, was also pleased. "We were at OTWorld for the first time and are extremely impressed by the number of high-quality conversations we had."

Fabian Jung, EMEA MarCom Management Lead for Össur highlighted the networking opportunities at the leading industry meetup. "For us, the significance of OTWorld is in coming together. It's about community building and networking, and feels a bit like getting back together with old friends." Prof. Dr Jan Geertzen of ISPO Netherlands, who travelled from his home country to speak at OTWorld, takes a similar view. "OTWorld 2024 is more than a meeting of minds, it's also a meeting of good friends."

Finally, Philipp Hoefer, Director of Sales and Marketing for German-speaking Europe at Otto Bock HealthCare Deutschland GmbH, sums up the event. "It is a place where product, conceptual and procedural innovations in prosthetics and orthotics can be presented to a tremendous audience and experts from science and the skilled trades can come together. For us, OTWorld has been a unique platform for interdisciplinary exchange for decades. We are already looking forward to 2026!"

Successful Premieres

The special show dedicated to neurological treatment and care, sponsored by the German Association of Orthopaedic Technology (BIV-OT) in cooperation with the German Stroke Foundation and rehaVital, also struck a chord with attendees. The special show allowed visitors to see and experience the full range and significance of medical aids in ensuring optimum treatment and care for patients. The patient room with examples of full treatments from "lying down to walking", a marketplace and hands-on presentations rounded off the sessions providing information and advice.

A particular highlight was the "Day of E-Prescriptions" when visitors had the opportunity to see and experience the entire process from electronic prescribing to invoicing. The pilot project, "E-prescribing for orthopaedic aids" offered an unparalleled opportunity to test the future e-prescription system for orthopaedic aids in advance and make important contacts to ensure a smooth introduction of the new technology.

Youth.Academy TO and Young Professionals

Another central element of OTWorld was the Youth.Academy TO, which provided support to young professionals and created opportunities for intergenerational exchange of knowledge and experience. On 16 and 17 May, some 400 young professionals and students from all fields of technical orthopaedics had the opportunity to gain new inspiration for their future careers.

The World Congress at OTWorld 2024: Professional Inspiration and International Collaboration

The world congress at OTWorld 2024 under the leadership of Congress Presidents Professor Thomas Wirth and Master Orthopaedic Technician Ingo Pfefferkorn provided an inspirational platform for advanced professional training and international collaboration. A comprehensive programme covering everything from orthopaedic inserts to orthotics made of algae took a detailed look at central issues in orthopaedic treatment and care. A German-American exchange on the treatment of patients with Spina bifida was part of the featured topic of paediatric, adolescent and neuro-orthopaedics which is a subject close to the hearts of the congress presidents.

"OTWorld succeeded in highlighting subjects related to children and adolescents in need of orthopaedic treatment and care at this year's world congress", noted Professor Thomas Wirth, 2024 Congress President. "Subsequently, the difficulties this group of patients faces in gaining access to the best medical treatment became part of the conversation. In the past, the group has often been neglected in educational and social policies. In addition, the international trade show was able to demonstrate the high level of treatment and care that is being achieved for these patients today."

"From the very first minute, there were more people at the OTWorld 2024 world congress than I have ever experienced in all its years", said Ingo Pfefferkorn, 2024 Congress President. "The discourse on topics such as paediatric, adolescent and neuro-orthopaedics or prosthetics was extremely enriching. At the same time, we were able to teach our colleagues about current treatment concepts in a very practical, hands-on way with the new workshop format at OTWorld 2024. There was also an especially positive atmosphere at the international trade show, which took place at the same time as the congress. The Youth.Academy TO again drew hundreds of young professionals to Leipzig. For me, that was a real highlight. We currently need the next generation more than ever!"

Another important topic was orthopaedic treatment and care in crisis and war zones. Speakers from Ukraine provided insights into challenges and possible solutions on the ground.

Inspiration From Renowned Keynote Speakers

The brilliant keynote speakers, happiness researcher Professor Ricarda Rehwaldt, algae specialist Professor Thomas Brück, robotics expert Professor Claudio Castellini, and NDR Equal Opportunity Commissioner René Schaar, provided inspiring insights and ideas for new ways of thinking. Their lectures illustrated the importance of creativity and technological innovation in the medical professions.

Practical and Interdisciplinary

In 33 workshops, the professional audience had the opportunity for the first time to discuss treatments together in the presence of a patient. The new approach was a success. Countless physicians, orthopaedic (footwear) technicians and therapists used the practical workshops to learn together about patients, deepen their professional knowledge and further develop their practical skills.

The new, specialised advanced training programme for retail surgical store staff also met with much interest. This exclusive range of courses included seven different workshops provided under the professional direction of the German Association of Orthopaedic Technology (BIV-OT). The focus was on the broad spectrum of treatment options in medical supply stores, from breast prosthetics to lymphatic treatment and post-stroke care.

Putting Humans First

"OTWorld in Leipzig is impressive. The range of exhibitors and the variety of solutions for people with disabilities are proof of the main priority here which is the human being", emphasised Oliver Schenk, Saxon State Minister for Federal Affairs and Media, on 15 May 2024 after visiting OTWorld. "Modern orthopaedic treatment and care is an important element of healthcare and stands out for its innovative strength and focus on people's needs. The special show on orthopaedic treatment and care in crisis regions is especially relevant. I am grateful to the organisers for including such an important contribution to raising awareness of the suffering of millions of people affected by the war."

Future Perspectives and Outlook

The next OTWorld is scheduled to take place from 19 to 22 May 2026. With what we have learned this year and the successful format, the event will continue to expand its role as the world's leading platform for technical orthopaedics. Advances in electronic prescribing and the integration of new technologies will play a central role.

You can find more feedback on the world congress here .

About OTWorld
OTWorld is the largest leading international industry platform for all manufacturers, distributors and service providers in the field of modern orthopaedic treatment and care. The OTWorld International Trade Show and World Congress offers a unique range of products and services for prosthetists, orthotists, orthopaedic footwear professionals, rehabilitation technicians as well as therapists, doctors, engineers and employees of medical retail and health insurance companies. The German Association of Orthopaedic Technology (BIV-OT) is OTWorld's conceptual partner. The holder of the OTWorld brand and organiser of the Congress is Confairmed GmbH. Leipziger Messe GmbH is responsible for the industry trade show. The next OTWorld will take place from 19 to 22 May 2026 in Leipzig.


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