14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld

Press releases

19/04/2023 OTWorld 2024: Call for Papers for the World Congress Under the slogan "Join the progress", manufacturers, retailers and service providers in the field of modern medical aids and equipment will be getting together at OTWorld in Leipzig from 14 to 17 May 2024. The leading international Trade Show and World Congress offer a mix of innovation and education for prosthetists and orthotists, orthopaedic footwear professionals, doctors, physiotherapists as well as healthcare suppliers and manufacturers. Scientific abstracts can now be submitted. Continue reading
16/06/2022 OTWorld 2022: Media Library With More Than 80 Expert Contributions Available Online We invite you to dip into the world of prosthetics and orthotics. The OTWorld media library will still be available until 31 July with selected contributions from more than 300 international speakers on outstanding orthopaedic treatment methods. It was impressively demonstrated at the OTWorld 2022 International Trade Show and World Congress from 13 to 15 May in Leipzig how modern orthopaedic treatment and care can change people's lives. Continue reading
13/05/2022 OTWorld 2022: Industry Festival with an Explosion of Innovations Sensory prosthetics, a superhero suit for neurogenic disorders, sustainably produced orthoses made from recycled materials – the future of orthopaedic treatment and care was on display at OTWorld from 10 to 13 May. At the World Congress and leading world trade show at Leipzig Exhibition Centre, health influencers such as Caroline Sprott, Ms Anna and Alex as well as prominent users of medical aids such as Fabian Hambüchen, Dirk Nowitzki, Markus Rehm, Johannes Floors and Samuel Koch demonstrated how orthopaedic treatment and care can change lives. 18,800 prosthetists and orthotists, orthopaedic footwear professionals, doctors, and physiotherapists from 86 countries were won over by displays and lectures from over 440 exhibitors and 300 congress presenters. Every third visitor to the trade show came from abroad. A delegation from war-torn Ukraine was also present. Continue reading
09/05/2022 OTWorld 2022: Welcome Back in Globally Changing Times Continuing to Improve Public Health Even in Times of Crisis Two years of pandemic and almost three months of war in Ukraine, shortages of skilled workers and caring for the war-wounded – and at the same time, threats of financial cuts in the health industry: From 10 to 13 May, the OTWorld International Trade Show and World Congress will be dedicated to caring for the weakest members of society using medical aids. Mobility, independence and a fulfilled life are only possible for those affected when they are provided with professional care and perfectly fitting medical aids such as bandages, insoles, orthoses, prostheses and even wheelchairs. Continue reading
04/05/2022 OTWorld 2022: New Products and Concepts in Focus Over 400 exhibitors will be presenting their new products as well as innovative treatment and care concepts for people with disabilities and restricted mobility at OTWorld in Leipzig from 10 to 13 May. From prosthetics, orthotics and orthopaedic footwear technology to compression supplies, the International Trade Show and World Congress will be offering an unparalleled overview of new developments in the industry. OTWorld sets international standards as the most significant innovation platform in various areas of care. Continue reading
28/03/2022 OTWorld: Welcome Back "Welcome back" is the motto at OTWorld after the break due to the pandemic, as prosthetists and orthotists, orthopaedic footwear professionals, engineers, doctors and therapists from around the world come together from 10 to 13 May in Leipzig. The most important global meeting of experts in orthopaedic treatment and care combines a world congress and a leading world trade show. Continue reading
Nicole Wege
Press Spokesperson