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SnugFit Solutions

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Supported by the National Institutes of Health, SnugFit Solutions is a leading O&P 3D imaging company focusing on providing an easy-to-use, fast, and highly accurate scanning process. Our SnugFit O&P 3D Scanner app allows Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics and other businesses to perform the most optimal 3-Dimensional scans of their patients. Our products can be used to scan with iPad Pro and different models of iPhones, no extra sensor attachment is needed.



SnugFit O&P 3D Scanner App
SnugFit O&P 3D scanner, a 3D body scanner, revolutionizes the way for doctors to scan FO, AFO, KAFO, knee, torso, and head by using TrueDepth iPhone or iPad sen...
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The SnugFit SDK (Software Development Kit)
The SnugFit SDK (Software Development Kit) is an innovative tool developed on the foundation of the SnugFit O&P 3D Scanner app, providing customers with the cap...
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Herr Ph.D. Steven Yi
SnugFit Solutions