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Shanghai Kesheng Prostheses Co., Ltd.

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Established in 1992,it provides a complete series of Upper limb prostheses suitable from half palm amputation to total arm amputation ,including Bionic hand, myoelectric hand, electric elbow, cable and cosmetic prostheses. As Director Prof. LuoYongzhao initialed Chinese myoelectric prostheses development since 1963 in SH Institute of Physiology, it is the first high-tech company of upper limb prostheses manufactory in China, and one of the famous upper limb prostheses manufactory in the world.



KS-bionic hand series
KS-bionic hands have a series of products to meet various needs. The characteristics include the beautiful simulation appearance, with a thicker silicone simula...
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KS-electric elbow
The shape of KS-electric elbow is streamlined, with built-in cable, beautiful simulation, available in flesh color, black color and white color, the signal inpu...
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Herr Feng Yao
Vice General Manager Shanghai Kesheng Prostheses Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Kesheng Prostheses Co., Ltd.

Building391, Huichuang Internation Park,No. 1555 JinShaJiang West Road
201803 Shanghai

Tel.: +86 21 62590169
Fax: +86 21 64664171

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