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Primacel SAS

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Primacel is a foam manufacturing company headquartered in Paris producing high quality foams certified for orthopaedic use, orthopaedic shoe engineering, ortho-prosthesis and orthopaedic shoe since 2000. We are a market leader in the production of high quality crosslinked PE, EVA foam and Synthetic Rubber, providing a wide range of foam solutions. We are your leading partner in the industry worldwide providing you with small batches of split high quality foam in custom properties + colors. Insolefit provides revolutionay technology for your podiatry shop with scanner technology to fit even into the smallest shop space. Software turns relevant data of scanned feet into the rightly choosen insole for correct adjustment of customers feet. We send you custom made insole for your customer, providing you with the highest quality podiatry solution including diagnosis instruments to serve you with custom products with quick delay of time and all outsourced craftmanship for your business.


Primacel SAS

35 Avenue du Gros Chêne
95220 Herblay

Tel.: +33 1 34401160
Fax: +33 1 34400190

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