3D Printing Solutions in Orthopedics: Injured Today, Individually Treated Tomorrow

Formlabs GmbH


Additive manufacturing offers medical supply companies and orthopedic technology manufacturers a variety of benefits that can significantly increase the efficiency and flexibility of patient care. In this workshop, presented by Formlabs Healthcare, advanced applications of 3D printing technology in the medical field will be presented. In particular, the focus will be on personalized insoles, orthoses, prostheses and other medical aids.

The event offers the opportunity to discuss challenges that companies face when implementing 3D printing technologies. In addition, participants will learn about strategies to seamlessly integrate additive manufacturing into the workflow and how 3D printing enables medical professionals to produce customized medical devices according to patient needs.


Shiden Yohannes
Formlabs GmbH
Marlou de Jong
Formlabs GmbH


Raum M21, 0 Ebene, Messehaus