19 - 22 May 2026 OTWorld
EMS health & fitness system for home use (electric muscle stimulation)
A product of: myostyle GmbH
Revolutionary full-body EMS training system for home use. Made in Germany.
Fit and healthy with just 2x 20 minutes per week!

• Stylish, wireless set. Usable anywhere.

• Medium frequency technology: Efficient muscle building, increased performance, and rapid recovery.

• Fitness without equipment: Simple app control.

• Safe and comfortable: Unique electrode design for safe training; high quality, durable, and washable.

• Flexible training: At home or on the go.

Benefits for your health:

• Strength and vitality

• Maintenance of basic fitness

• Strengthening and toning of the back muscles

• Skin tightening and improved relaxation

• Effective massage functions

Whether it's health training, strength building, relaxation, prevention, back training, competitive sports, or basic fitness – myostyle makes fitness & health possible anywhere.

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Mr. Geschäftsführer Michael Czaplinski
COO Sales myostyle GmbH
Ms. Geschäftsführerin Diba Nazar-Czaplinski
CEO myostyle GmbH


myostyle GmbH

Darmstädter Landstraße 125
60598 Frankfurt

Tel.: +49 69 24755820

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