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Specta-H lux - Certified laser therapy device for innovative and deep pain relief
A product of: Spectra-H lux
The Spectra-H lux is a high-tech laser therapy device that combines laser, infrared, red light and magnetic fields. These 4 energy sources ensure that a variety of diseases can be treated without side effects. This is made possible by a biocompatible metal housing with the latest integrated technology. The device can be used alone or in combination with other therapeutic products. The best thing about using the Spectra-H lux is that anti-inflammatory medication can be dispensed with completely.

In contrast to superficial treatment methods, which often do not reach the cells or only reach them with a delay, the laser therapy light of the Spectra-H lux penetrates deep into the tissue. At the same time, it reaches precisely those cell areas that are responsible for healing. This stimulates the body's own regenerative powers and accelerates the healing processes throughout the body.


Mr. Igor Kondratovich
Key Account Manager Spectra-H lux


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