19 - 22 May 2026 OTWorld
Feetneeds 3D Printing Insole Supply Chain
Introducing Feetneeds powered by Plasmics: Revolutionizing the insole production process for podiastrists, orthopedists, shoe manufacturers, and footwear industry specialists. How did we do it? By assembling a team of experts spanning various fields, uniting cutting-edge software and hardware, and crafting the perfect synergy between them.

At the heart of our operation lies Plasmics' proprietary innovative 3D printing technology, meticulously designed in-house for unparalleled quality and quantity management:

- The INo Trident is the world's first commercially available induction-heated hotend. Its maximum heating capability goes up to 500C and can heat up from room temperature to 250C in 4 seconds
- Plasmics' FourRunner extruder has 4 drive gears to allow for more contact and grip.
- The filament senor array measures the X, Y, and diameter of the filament to allow for consistant 3D Printing.

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Mr. Jörg Gaugelhofer
Sales Feetneeds Powered by Plasmics GmbH
Mr. Ivee Sanasinh
Sales & Marketing Feetneeds Powered by Plasmics GmbH