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High Definition Custom Silicone
A Produkt of: Steeper Group
Our comprehensive range of custom silicone products are designed bespoke to individual requirements and sculpted in-house at our silicone clinic in the UK.

These premium cosmeses result in a life-like prosthesis, blendeding and defining to match the user’s sound limb. Often, silicone cosmesis are the answer for many amputees as they offer enhanced realism and a more life-like appearance. We can create individual digits, partial hands, partial feet, upper and lower limb covers as well as cosmetic restorations. For a hyper-realistic touch, all our finger and toe nails are crafted using firm silicone or acrylic and use as many colours as is necessary for a match.

Tailored to the user’s exact requirements, including tattoos, painted nails, veins or surface hair and or other distigusihing features, the possibilities are limitless! We always ensure the solutions we create are comfortable and functional, providing users with a natural and realistic looking prosthesis to suit their lifestyle.

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