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Model 9299
A product of: YGK KOSELA Spolka Jawna
The natural materials used for production of the shoes ensure the proper circulation of air and prevent chafes. Our shoes are designed for all women, hence the sizes ranging from G ½ to K.  They are convenient for obese persons as well as for those who suffer from swollen legs.  We have also designed wider shoe uppers in order to eliminate a feeling of discomfort or a pressure-related pain.
1. A soft foam padding of the upper’s top edge protects the ankles and the heel from being pinched and chafed.
2. Natural leather absorbs sweat secreted by the foot.
3. A soft, lightweight, and flexible sole bends properly together with the joints.
4. Soft materials offer a pinch-free fit as well as adapt to the shape of the foot.
5. A non-slip sole.
6. A high, broad, and soft tip.
7. Inner seams cause neither pain in the joints nor chafes or wounds.
8. The inside is spacious enough to hold even large-width feet.

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