14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
Taika3D - World Leaders in Design Automation for Custom Orthotics
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Create 3D models automatically - quickly and with consistent quality

TaikaCreate combines 3D scan data and user parameters with your design expertise to automatically create complex geometries - quickly and consistently. The set of rules is tailored to your company and serves as the basis for products that fit your philosophy and branding. And without compromises when it comes to quality.

Simply enter 3D scan data from TaikaCapture or your own scanning system with individual product parameters into the software. TaikaCreate uses this to create a 3D print or toolpath file optimized for your preferred production method.

By combining a validation process to comply with industry regulations and a customization tool for possible fine-tuning, TaikaCreate offers a holistic and high-quality solution for your business processes. And increases design capacity to 60-100 pairs of insoles per designer per hour.


Mr. Co-Founder and CEO Steve Cook
Taika3D Oy
Mr. Arthur Hobden
Taika3D Oy


Taika3D Oy

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