19 - 22 May 2026 OTWorld
Spentys autoForma: design automation software for custom-made orthoses
A product of: Spentys NV

Manual orthosis design workflows can be slow and inconsistent. Spentys autoForma software automates key steps of the design process for custom-made orthoses. 

- Save valuable time: Too much clicking is involved in 3D design. We solve this.
- Plan for higher throughput: Higher throughput of O&P devices is blocked by laborious tasks. We automate those.
- Digital product library: Transform your proprietary orthosis designs into pre-defined digital product templates.
- An open ecosystem: Easily integrate with other technologies and platforms.

Unchain your creative potential; let autoForma automate the repetitive work so that you can focus on innovation.

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Mr. Michiel Prikken
Sales manager Spentys NV
Mr. Louis-Philippe Broze
CEO Spentys NV


Spentys NV

Humaniteitslaan 292
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Tel.: +32 496 890210

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