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KS-bionic hand series
KS-bionic hands have a series of products to meet various needs. The characteristics include the beautiful simulation appearance, with a thicker silicone simulation glove, so that the grip has flexibility, and protect internal mechanism, so that bionic hands can complete a variety of daily actions in contact with water. There are 4 different sizes for different requirements, women's small size bionic hand can match the shape of a woman's hand very well, and glove colors can be customized to suit a variety of skin tones.
KS-bionic hand series has a variety with 5-8 degrees of freedom, including products with motorized wrist flexion and motorized wrist rotation.
Ks-bionic hands have a variety of control modes. There are 1 to 8 channels of EMG pattern recognition and corresponding intelligent control methods, and common actions can be selected through APP in 24 sets of movements.
KS-bionic hand has universal quick disconnect wrist connector.

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