19 - 22 May 2026 OTWorld
Suralis - Feedback device for leg prostheses
Suralis is a feedback device for leg prostheses that can be used as an add-on with any conventional leg prosthesis. Sensory feedback is transmitted via the skin using vibrations. The resulting peripheral sensitivity alleviates phantom pain and also significantly increases gait stability and gait safety.

The device consists of a sensor cover, which is pulled over the prosthetic foot, and an actuator unit (pulled over the thigh as a cuff or built into the prosthetic socket). Five sensors built into the sole of the sensor cover detect the roll-over of the prosthetic foot and transmit the signals to the vibration motors on the thigh. This means that every contact of the prosthetic foot with the ground is perceived and felt as a vibration on the skin. This makes it easier to walk on changing surfaces, react to small obstacles and alleviate phantom pain.

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Mr. Mag Rainer Schultheis
CEO Saphenus Medical Technology GmbH
Mr. BSc Aaron Pitschl
CTO Saphenus Medical Technology GmbH