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Rebel Hand
A product of: Rebel Bionics Limited
The Rebel hand is a small bionic hand specifically designed for smaller users.  This is the culmination of 15 years of the design and development of bionic hands, focusing on lightweight, functional and waterproofness.

The principle of the Rebel design is to initially create a hand sized for a typical female whilst minimizing complexity and  weight whisst maximizing function usability. 

 The Rebel design has a novel  water barrier system which doesn’t require a glove.  We have separated the palm grip and the thumb sealing function, with a novel design of the thumb base which utilizes a spherical bearing system. This allows twin axis motion without the need for a glove or gaitor.  

The hand Includes a passive, spring loaded, flex wrist. This reduces compensatory movements the user needs to make, allowing them to use their body weight to flex the wrist, This makes takes like opening a door, pushing a shopping trolley or driving much easier.  

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Mr. Ted Varley
CEO Rebel Bionics Limited


Rebel Bionics Limited

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