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valinos - The orthopaedic insole as a customised, trendy shoe with maximum comfort.
VALINOS is a unique product that arose from the idea of providing people with optimum care in every situation.

The result is a high-quality product that combines individual design requirements with the necessary orthopaedic care. The integrated orthopaedic fitting is unique, making this product more than just a shoe. VALINOS makes it easy to treat any type of foot complaint.

VALINOS by you! The online configurator enables our customers to put together their individual valinos design from the comfort of their own home.

Now also available with ultra-modern 3D bedding! These shoes epitomise individuality and innovation, as they have a fully 3D-printed footbed. This ensures perfect breathability and offers comfort and flexibility.

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Mr. Florian Renner
sales manager pedcad foot technology GmbH
Mr. Dominik Walter
CEO pedcad foot technology GmbH


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