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AGITO arm support
A product of: ORFO GmbH
The AGITO mechanical arm support system compensates for up to 100% of the arm weight and is used for direct disability compensation. The AGITO provides mobility support in the event of functional impairment of arm activity.
With limited muscle strength in the arm or shoulder, even the simplest actions are very strenuous or even impossible. Whether eating, drinking or gripping the simplest things: The restricted arm often has to be supported with the healthy arm. The AGITO can make everyday life a little easier and enable a more independent life thanks to its function.
Thanks to its light weight and size, the AGITO is easy to transport and can be used almost anywhere thanks to table clamps or a mobile stand. The AGITO can also be attached to a wheelchair or office chair.
If hand mobility is also restricted, the AGITO can also be perfectly combined with bionic hand orthoses such as the Carbonhand.

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