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Lunatec combi motion T2 - three-layer composite sheet for soft beddings (EVA foam)
The 3-layer EVA composite sheet Lunatec combi motion T2 is a material that is especially suited for the treatment of painful and pressure sensitive feet. The material composition combines outstanding functionality, characteristic softness and low weight.

The top layer made from Lunatec motion absorbs shear forces caused by walking and has extremely soft bedding properties. Three materials with different properties have already been combined in the manufacturing process and can be used for numerous orthopaedic treatments. Because of the total thickness of approx. 20 mm, Lunatec combi motion T2 is ideal for the manufacture of thicker orthopaedic foot beddings, soft bedding insoles, diabetes-adapted foot beddings or beddings for orthopaedic shoes.

Processing instructions: cut Lunatec combi motion T2 to size and heat it in the oven at approx. 130°C, place it on the last in one step and thermoform it. After the cooling phase, grind into shape and the foot bedding or insole is ready.

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