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MyoPro - Myoelectric conztrolled Hand and Arm Orthosis
A product of: Myomo Europe GmbH
MyoPro is a powered arm and hand orthosis (brace) designed to help restore function to the wearer’s paralyzed or weakened upper extremities, helping individuals perform actions and daily activities that might otherwise be impossible. The MyoPro may also facilitate rehabilitation including muscle re-education and increasing range of motion. Originally developed at MIT with Harvard Medical School, the MyoPro arm and hand orthosis device works by reading the faint nerve signals (myoelectric signals) from the surface of the skin (fully non-invasive, with no implants) then activating small motors to move the limb as the user intends (no electrical stimulation).

The user is completely controlling their own hand, wrist, elbow, and arm, while the myoelectric arm brace amplifies weak muscle signals to help move the upper limb. It has been called “power steering for your arm.”

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