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Vacuum Bags
A Produkt of: McLean REHAtechnik GmbH
Our own production of vacuum bags, manufactured using a highly elastic, latex-free material are now available!

The anatomical form of the vacuum bags helps to simplify the casting process and to create a precise, individual cast of the client according to the therapeutic/medical requirements.

The vacuum bags are filled with a fine, dimensionally stable polystyrene granulate. A vacuum pump (both manual and electric pumps can be supplied from our stock) is used to extract the air out of the bags to create a vacuum, this results in a firm cast of the client. This process can be repeated by simply adding air to the bag, repositioning the client, until an ideal position has been achieved. Once the ultimate cast has been achieved the bag may now be used for a trial seating test in order to assess the clients positioning.

Our Jumbo bags are available in two sizes and offer the best protection against damage, for storage or for transporting.

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