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MAK - Marsi Active Knee
A product of: Marsi Bionics
The MAK device represents a pioneering advancement in robotic knee technology, being the inaugural model designed with the capability to both interpret and fulfill the patient’s requirements for achieving a functional gait. Equipped with comprehensive sensing abilities, it conducts real-time analysis of the patient's walking patterns and instantaneously adjusts to accommodate their needs, encompassing variations in speed and directional changes.

The MAK device serves as an instrumental rehabilitation aid, significantly expediting the process of knee recovery post-surgery and enhancing neurological rehabilitation efforts. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the patient's overall functionality, while simultaneously alleviating the physical strain on both the therapist and the patient. 

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Mr. Hernández Alejandro
Director of Business Development Marsi Bionics
Mr. Aneiros Fernando
Product Manager Marsi Bionics


Marsi Bionics

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