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DESIRA Spring Steel & Metal Rods
A product of: Lüttges GmbH
Our diverse selection of flat stainless steel rods and flat, plastic-coated, and therefore corrosion-protected spring steel rods offers a wide range of widths, thicknesses, and lengths as well as alloy executions. These products are ideal as support structures and inlets for a wide range of textile and orthopedic applications.

Thanks to their stability and resilience, our flat, springy metal rods are the perfect choice for shaping and design-oriented components in numerous applications. Whether straight or bent according to ergonomic specifications, our rods meet the highest application requirements and provide the perfect support for all functional requirements.

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Mr. Jan Dijkman
General Manager Lüttges GmbH
Mr. Michael Hoffmann
Sales Lüttges GmbH


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