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NightWatch Epilepsy Seizure Detection
A Produkt of: LivAssured BV

NightWatch is a clinically proven medical device for the detection of epileptic seizures during sleep and has been validated for the detection of the following seizures: tonic-clonic, tonic (in clusters or prolonged duration), myoclonic seizures (in clusters), focal seizures (impaired consciousness with hyperkinetic movements).

NightWatch is a wireless arm module that accurately detects heart rate, movements and body position while you sleep. An alarm is triggered on the base station, which is up to 15m away, when NightWatch detects an epileptic seizure.

Users: Families or parents of children or carers in the home environment, health professionals / care homes / health facilities, people living independently with epilepsy and couples where a partner has epilepsy

Clinical validation showed a sensitivity (median) of 86-100% for all epileptic seizures, a significant reduction in stress and a reduction in care costs.

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