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Carbon Fiber or Aerospace Aluminium Crutches
A Produkt of: INDES MEDICAL S.L.
INDESmed crutches are the most advanced on the market and have been awarded internationally on many occasions for their exclusive, innovative and patented design worldwide.

They are the lightest in the world in both carbon and aeronautical aluminum.

Its precision adjustment of the handle and clamp height, its anti-tendinitis handle, its latest generation folding clamp (which prevents it from falling to the ground when performing other tasks) and its curved oval tube are designed by doctors and engineers especially to prevent pain in hand, wrist, shoulders and back.

Without a doubt, an INDESmed crutch is an investment in quality of life since they are designed to last longer than any other.
Discover INDESmed crutch patented adjusting system:
Handgrip and arm support can be accurate and separately adjusted, improving user comfort, health and stability.

The Smart Curved design, makes the user feel free while wearing a stylish, lightweight accessory that stands the test of time.

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