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Performance Testing
Performance Testing


We test and evaluate the effectiveness and function of products, e.g:

- Compression effect of medical compression textiles according to RAL-GZ 387
- Microclimate / physiological function of orthoses and bandages according to AiF 11283
- Function of foot bandages according to DIN SPEC 13257
- Surface analyses using SEM and material determination using EDX (also damage analysis)
- Antimicrobial efficacy of materials or microbiological cleanliness (bioburden) of products
- Reprocessability in standardised washing processes according to DIN EN ISO 6330 (household laundry) and DIN EN        ISO 15797 (industrial laundry) or individually according to manufacturer specifications
- Moisture management / absorption behaviour of textile materials
- Wear tests
For further information, please visit: https://www.hohenstein-medical.com/en/our-services

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Mr. Dr. Timo Hammer
CEO Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co. KG
Ms. Dr. Anja Gerhardts
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