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Hepuflex Solution Standard insole blank
Cover: Sport textile grey-green 
Base material: open-celled polyurethane foam
Structure: 2-component PU-blank blue 40/45°A, with pad, integrated heel spur padding with relief on the plantar fascia and forefoot cushion purple 13 - 19°A, lowered big toe

o Soft foam insole blank, long sole

o about 90 % of the restoring force of the polyurethane foam

o the basic material is the same for all our Hepuflex insole blanks, it is an open-cell polyurethane foam, which is foamed and thus soft and elastic

o small air pockets are part of the properties of polyurethane foam

o Further processing recommendation: Bonding with PU adhesive, substructure can be sanded

o Possible application for the following indications:  Bend-lower-splayfoot, heel spur, flat foot

Model: Unisex
Größen: 35 - 48

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