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Posture Reminder T-Shirt
A Produkt of: CALZE G.T. SRL
RELAXSAN POSTURE T-SHIRT is a revolutionary concept of postural T-Shirt
The T-Shirt improves the conditions resulting from poor posture and helps lung function, significantly reducing general fatigue in the human body.

The Idea – Posture Shirt
A posture shirt stimulates the body to maintain a correct, upright and open posture. It acts as a "reminder" while wearing it, due to its configuration.
POSTURE Reminder T-shirt is designed and made with thin and light fibres to promote breathability. It has a zipper so that it can be easily worn even if you have arm pain, and the short sleeves and V-neckline will go unnoticed under your clothes. It incorporates elastic bands developed by following the design of the muscle map, creating tension zones to support muscles and joints and promote correct posture without rigid constraints.
Used consistently during daily activities, the shirt helps develop greater posture awareness and naturally align your shoulders and back.

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