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3D Braces and Orthotics
We produce 3D printed braces to treat scoliosis, kyphosis, vertebral compression fractures and complex clinical cases such as neuromuscular scoliosis or patients with severe disabilities.

Each device is custom-made, based on patient’s precise anatomical features. A functional 3D scansion is a crucial propaedeutic procedure to the subsequent biomechanical 3D modelling. The digital modelling allows to perform unique interventions such as varying the device thickness, adding reinforcement thickenings in areas subjected to greater stress or lightening in areas of expansion. Through this process it is also possible to insert customised perforated textures, improving breathability and lightening the brace.

The devices are 3D printed in a polypropylene, a resistant and light technopolymer certified for medical use. Receiving a more performing, ergonomic and lighter device, which combines functionality with aesthetics, the patient will be more likely to comply with his new brace.

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