14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld

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Ruck - MedicalTec

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For many years we are manufacturing medical devices and accessories for orthopaedic technicians, therapists and patients.Our products are mainly produced in our own manufactory. In this way, we ensure that our high quality standards are met 100% in terms of development, material and manufacturing as well as fit, wearing comfort and effectiveness.

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acitve fingersplint with stepless limitation in extension and inflexion
Active PIP-joint extension and flexion for protection after surgery or injuries while limiting radial and ulnar deviation. Extension and inflexion are stepless...
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joint for pes adductus
Pes adductus has its pathogenesis in Lisfranc‘s joint, which has a radius of approx. 40 mm and an angle of about 32° to the foot axis. The joint is designed acc...
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Mr. Thomas Ruck
managing director Ruck - MedicalTec


Ruck - MedicalTec

Bahnhofstraße 65
48341 Altenberge

Tel.: +49 2505 9484848
Fax: +49 2505 9484849

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