14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld

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Protheflex system SCPatent, Zmago Vidrih, s.p.

About us

SCPatent is a company established by Zmago Vidrih. As a certified prosthetist and orthotist (CPO) with over 20 years of experience in the prosthetics field, Zmago has honed his expertise in helping patients with limb loss. SCPatent focuses on developing and marketing Protheflex materials for prosthetics and orthotics. Protheflex is a unique, flexible socket system designed to enhance the comfort and mobility of amputees. SCPatent's products and services can be found at https://protheflex.com/

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Protheflex is a flexible polyurethane resin used for manufacturing flexible sockets and orthoses. The Protheflex system utilizes a unique sandwich lamination te...
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ProsthStyle Prosthesis cover (PSPC)
ProsthStyle Prosthesis Cover (PSPC) is a great solution between expensive silicone covers and traditional perlon stockings. PSPC is designed to provide a natura...
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Ms. Andreja Vidrih
finance and marketing Protheflex system SCPatent, Zmago Vidrih, s.p.
Mr. Zmago Vidrih
CPO, director Protheflex system SCPatent, Zmago Vidrih, s.p.