19 - 22 May 2026 OTWorld

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P.J. Dahlhausen & Co. GmbH

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We are Europe's largest full-range supplier of clinical accessories. With over 2500 different products, we systematically cover the needs of surgery, anesthesia and nursing. We are not only a leading specialist retailer, but also a powerful and experienced manufacturer. Since the company was founded in 1854, the development and production of high-quality medical technology has been one of our greatest strengths. In addition to our unique product range, custom-made products are no problem.

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WOODCAST® - back to the roots. Environmentally friendly material made from aspen wood and biopolymer
Healthcare facilities and service providers should become green and be in the black at the same time. This generational task requires many adjustments. Woodcast...
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Mr. Timo Jaeger
Head of Sales P.J. Dahlhausen & Co. GmbH


P.J. Dahlhausen & Co. GmbH

Emil-Hoffmann-Straße 53
50996 Köln

Tel.: 02236 3913-291
Fax: 02236 3913-109

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