14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld

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Erimed International AB

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Erimed International AB is a well known and respected producer and distributor of Orthopaedic products. We are closely cooperating with Xelero – the well known international brand representing unique orthopaedic shoes. Furthermore we are a producer of Dictus – a fantastic orthosis providing a dynamic lift to users with muscular deficiencies and weaknesses. We are looking for new distributor partnerships globally for both the Dictus Family and for Xelero Shoes. Welcome to our Stand 5:G36

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  • Dictus
  • Xelero


Orthopaedic Shoes
Xelero Orthopaedic shoes improve people's lives by offering an appropriate foot environment by supporting the foot structures and improving gait biomechanics du...
About the product
The Dictus band is a unique dynamic foot drop orthosis in leather, that has for many years helped users with a foot drop back to an active life. The band lifts...
About the product


Mr. Sales Manager Peter Westrin
Sales Manager Erimed International AB
Ms. CEO Annica Forslund-Nilsson
CEO Erimed International AB


Erimed International AB

Ellipsvagen 11B
141 75 Kungens Kurva

Tel.: +46 44 95650

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