14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld

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Aspen Medical Products GmbH

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Delivering groundbreaking designs and breaking new ground in spinal stabilization using orthosis has been our inspiration for over 30 years. The launch of the Aspen Cervical Collar has changed the industry approach to cervical care. This has created the basis for numerous breakthroughs in spinal stability using an orthosis.

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Elite TLSO
The Elite TLSO provides clinicians with a lightweight, low-profile option to treat patients with symptoms related to osteoporosis. The moldable, adjustable, rig...
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Traverse Air Walker
The Traverse Air Walker is a wraparound shoe that uses two air pumps for targeted, comfortable compression. The Traverse Air Walker helps the patient regain mob...
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Mr. Steve Krupka
Marketing Director Aspen Medical Products GmbH


An der Gümpgesbrücke 9
41564 Kaarst
Bundesrepublik Deutschland

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Aspen Medical Products GmbH

Im Leuschnerpark 4
64347 Griesheim

Tel.: +49 6155 8979120
Fax: +49 6155 8979166

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