The congress profile of OTWorld

Prosthetists and orthotists, orthopaedic footwear technicians, medical practitioners and therapists from all over the world shed a light on the most important aspects of current trends and developments as well as the core topics of the congress from an interdisciplinary point of view.

Main elements of the congress are keynote lectures, pre-structured sessions, lecture series made up of free papers and practice-oriented workshops. A diverse program that combines science and research with education and practice, and sets tone for future industry development.The internationality of OTWorld is reflected in the bilingual congress programme: the congress languages are German and English. Simultaneous translations into the other language are provided.

The technical focus of the congress programme is set by the congress presidents, Prof. Dr. Thomas Wirth and Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Pfefferkorn.They are supported by a top-class programme and workshop committee. This committee consists of members of various professional societies as well as other experts from prosthetics & orthotics, orthopaedic footwear technology/pedorthics and medical supply stores as well as from medicine and therapy.

Expert Committees